ABBA “Comeback” After 40 Years With New Album “Voyage”!

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ABBA Turns out "Comeback" After 40 Years of Retirement With New Album "Voyage"!

Posted on: 09/3/21 at 8:00 am

ABBA while filming became “Abbatars” on the live stream “ABBA Voyage” (Photo: Baillie Walsh).

ABBA turned out to be a “comeback” with their first new album in 40 years, Voyage. This happy news was announced during the live streaming of “ABBA Voyage” on YouTube which started at 11:45 pm WIB yesterday, September 2, 2021. And they released two new songs, ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ and ‘Don’t Shut’. Me Down’. You can listen to it at the end of the article.

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Voyage scheduled for release on November 5, 2021 through Capitol Records. This marks the disco pop icon’s first studio album since its release The Visitor in 1981. Recording took place at band member Benny Anderson’s Riksmixningsverket studio in Stockholm, Sweden with the first sessions taking place in 2018.

Voyage album cover art.
Album cover art Voyage.

In fact, ABBA has been teasing their comeback since returning to the studio. Initially, the two songs would debut as part of a hologram concert meant for TV broadcasts. Then word emerged that at least five songs had been recorded in 2019, with plans to release new material in 2020. The pandemic put a hold on that timeline, and a 2021 date was promised. While the target seemed likely to be achieved, the amount of material must have increased as well.

Hologram Concert “ABBA Voyage”

Likewise with the idea of ​​a hologram concert. It turns out that the album actually came out of the band’s decision to evolve from a holographic tour into a completely unique virtual concert event. ABBA teamed up with Industrial Light & Magic founded by George Lucas to create digital models of themselves. That’s why they wore motion capture outfits (as in the photo above) for “ABBA Voyage”.

The concert will take place in a state-of-the-art, purpose-built 3,000-person arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England. While the ABBA members will be holographically remade on stage, the concert will feature the full 10-piece band. Produced by Svana Gisla (David Bowie Blackstar/Lazarus) and Ludvig Andersson (And Then We Danced), this unique production was directed by Baillie Walsh (Being James Bond, Springsteen and I) with choreography from Wayne McGregor CBE.

The digital concert will be broadcast in full on 27 May 2022. They will perform old hits and several new album songs. Get an early glimpse of what an incredible hologram creation looks like by checking out the two videos below, ‘ABBA Voyage: The Journey Is About To Begin’.

Comments Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad

ABBA’s Benny Anderson commented on the project.

“It’s hard to say what I’m most excited about with this project. Whether it’s getting involved in making concerts with everyone or getting back into the studio together again after 40 years. I think hearing Frida and Agnetha sing again is hard to beat. When you come to the arena you will have the four of us along with a really great 10 member band. And even if not in person, we will be there, thanks to the work of the creative team and PSA.”

Anni-Frid Lyngstad adds, “The first session of 2018 was so much fun and when Benny called and asked if I would consider singing again, I did! And what song!! My respect and love for this incredibly talented and truly genius songwriter! Such joy to work with the group again. I’m very happy with what we’ve created, and I really hope our fans feel the same way.”

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General sales for the ABBA Voyage concert begin September 7 at 10:00 a.m. Fans can also pre-register for access a day earlier, or pre-order the album Voyage to gain access on September 5. Find all the information on the ABBA Voyage website.

Author, Translator & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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