Already Have Seven Children, Pasha Ungu’s Reaction Becomes a Spotlight After His Youngest Daughter Asks A Sister

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1NEWS – Sigit Purnomo Said or better known as Pasha Ungu has four children from his marriage to Adelia Wilhelmina. They are Dewa, Sakha, Raja, and Kayla. Meanwhile, from his first marriage with Okie Agustina, he has three children. Namely Kiesha, Shakiena, and Nasha.

With a total of seven children, until now Pasha seems to have no signs of adding children. I don’t know if his youngest daughter, Kayla, asked for a sister. As Kayla said while talking to Pasha in bed.

“I want to have another sister,” said Kayla in a spoiled tone, seen by 1NEWS from the video uploaded on Pasha’s Instagram.

Hearing Kayla’s request, Pasha was surprised. Wide-eyed, Pasha snapped, “Huh? What?”

“Another brother,” said Kayla.

“Sister again? Why?” asked Pasha to be sure.

Kayla insists that she wants to have a beautiful sister like her. Whether serious or joking Kayla’s request. But Pasha looked confused to answer. “No comment,” wrote Pasha in the caption section.

The moment of the chat between the father and son managed to suck up more than 500 comments in the comments column. Some of them supported Kayla’s request and asked Pasha Ungu to do what she wanted.

“Wow manteepp aa..follow the wishes of his brother aa,” said the account owner @ad****uy. “Gaskeun aa Pasha, let it be more crowded,” exclaimed the account owner @ro****hy. So how, will Pasha Purple fulfill his son’s request?


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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