Amazing Eel and Giant Dragon in Sukabumi, What’s Behind It?

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Rian Jambrong, a man from Sukabumi City, West Java, has shocked the virtual world by ‘catching’ a giant eel in a river.

He is a wood and clay craftsman, who has recently been popular in uploading YouTube content.

Why not, he ‘found’ a number of giant animals with unusual sizes, in rivers, forests or rice fields. However, a number of these unique animals emerged from his cold hands as craftsmen.

Jambrong, as this long-haired man is called, recorded the making of replicas of these animals, and uploaded them to YouTube.

The materials used are easy to find in nature, where he spawns the fictional animals. Namely bamboo and soil. However, it is not uncommon for him to add cork to the frame.

A number of videos have taken the internet by storm, until the pieces have been re-uploaded to various social media accounts, as if there was a real discovery of a giant animal.

The replicas he has created include aldabra turtles, iguanas, ancient eels, pythons and giant crocodiles. In the forest, he also had time to make a replica of a dragon that extends uphill.

One video that has hit millions of viewers is entitled ‘GIANT EEL WEIGHT 1 TON – CATCHED BY RESIDENTS’.

The video begins with the appearance of a replica of a giant eel in front of Jambrong, two small children, and a man relaxing on the river rocks.

“The discovery of the giant eel in the hole leuwi, great!” they said together.

Then a number of residents also came to the eel by acting admitted that this was the first time they had seen an eel of that size. Looks long eel, equivalent to about 5 adults lying down, with a stocky and slippery body.

Before long, Rian Jambrong showed off his skills, arranging the river rocks to lengthen on the riverbank.

Then, he covered everything with wet soil from around it. After drying, the prospective eel replica was painted a color similar to that of the eel’s skin, and covered with shiny paint.

In another video, Rian Jambrong also assembles the largest imitation of eel, in the middle of a rice field. He emphasized that in making the work, he had obtained permission from local residents.

“This is entertainment, so there is no element of intimidating and deceiving, friends,” said Jambrong, in a video he uploaded on the Jambrong 99 YouTube channel, August 21, 2021.

It was revealed in another video, that the works could not last long. If you try to visit it, maybe by then, it has returned to the ground.


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