Amazing recording of Ayu Thalia ‘Meat meets Meat’ with a famous lawyer

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A recording of a conversation between a woman and a man has gone viral on social media. The woman’s recording is associated with the figure of TT who is in the case, while the male voice is suspected to be a famous lawyer. There, the names of Hotman Paris Hutapea and Tata were written.

When confirmed by VIVA, Hotman admitted that he had communicated with a woman with the initials TT whose recorded voice was circulating on social media Instagram. Well, Hotman said that the woman named Tata was having a case with the former governor’s son.

Later, the name of Tata who was being widely reported was Ayu Thalia alias Thata Anma with the son of former DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), Nicholas Sean Purnama alias Sean. Then, Thata Anma is also the SPG in Rudi Salim’s car showroom.

“In the past, communication with him was about cars, the boss was my friend, Rudi Salim, who sold Lambhorgini. We joined the Lambhorgini club. There was only a case between him and the son of the former governor, there was a case with him,” said Hotman when contacted by VIVA on Thursday, 2 September 2021.

VIVA tried to confirm Ayu Thalia alias Thata Anma regarding the voice of a female recording circulating about ‘flesh meets meat’. Is it true, the female voice in question is Ayu Thalia. Apparently, Ayu Thalia prefers not to comment when confirmed.

He only responded with an apology hand emoticon via WhatsApp, without typing any words either denying or confirming the sound of the ‘flesh meets meat’ recording.

Then, Ayu Thalia was also silent when asked if there were parties who reported it with Hotman regarding the alleged viral sound of the ‘meat meets meat’ recording to the police. Then, Thata just sent a screenshot of Hotman Paris’s Instagram.

Hotman’s Instagram contains news that the report of a legal practitioner, Pitra Romadoni, was rejected by the police. There, Hotman commented on Pitra’s report which was not accepted by the police for complicated reasons.

“Which is correct? Rejected because there is no criminal element or what? Why is the answer complicated? Well, if there is no criminal element, it is rejected! Ask the grandfather!!! behind the scenes? Where are you!,” wrote Hotman.

Previously reported, legal practitioners Pitra Romadoni, they will be reported with multiple articles. Where from the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions to the Pornography Law.

“We reported the person concerned in Article 27 paragraph 1 of the ITE Law, Article 6, the Pornography Law because he was suspected of playing pornographic content,” explained Pitra.

Pitra said the report would be made today. The Indonesian Youth Congress, he continued, assessed that the recorded conversation contained pornographic content, so it had to be reported because it made the public nervous because it had been spread everywhere. Even so, he does not want to reveal the identity of the public figures and famous lawyers who will be reported.

“From those languages ​​the language of adult content. Moreover, this person is suspected to be a public figure. At this time we cannot mention his name because we must uphold the principle of the presumption of innocence,” he said.


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