Anal injection, Coki Pardede’s method of using methamphetamine is common abroad – 1NEWS

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Coki Pardede.  Photo: Instagram

Coki Pardede used methamphetamine through the anus.

Recently, the police arrested comic Coki Pardede as a suspect in a drug abuse case.

What caught the public’s attention was that Coki used methamphetamine in an unusual way. This was conveyed by the Head of Drugs at the Tangerang Metro Police AKBP Pratomo Widodo.

He said that the man whose real name was Reza Pardede mixed the methamphetamine with water and used it with a syringe.

“Sabu is boiled in boiling water, mixed until dissolved, then the water is taken and injected. It’s rarely done because it’s dangerous,” he explained.

Not only that, new facts have been revealed that several times Coki has inserted the illicit fluid through the anus.

The Tangerang City Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pol Deonijiu De Fatima, said that Coki Pardede’s method of using methamphetamine was unusual through the rectum.

“Yes, as far as we know, the methamphetamine was burned. But indeed, this is a new technique that is indeed being used by the RP brother. With the help of a syringe, hot water is brought to a boil, then it is sucked into an injector and then injected into the body,” he explained.

Coki Pardede uses methamphetamine. Photo: Instagram

The syringe commonly used by Coki Pardede has gone through a modification process. He had removed the needle that was in the syringe.

Then, the methamphetamine liquid that was already in the syringe was inserted into the body through the rectum.

“Indeed, the person concerned conveys it easier through it (Dubur). By way of being injected into it. At that time the needle was placed first and then injected,” he said.

Liquid methamphetamine is often found abroad

Although it is rarely done in Indonesia, it turns out that the use of liquid methamphetamine is widely found abroad.

Head of the BNN Rehabilitation Center, Jolan Tedjokusumo, said that liquid crystal methamphetamine did seem new in Indonesia. But in fact, the drugs were already circulating abroad.

“For example, in Japan, the use is by injection,” he said in a report from the BBC.

The liquid form of this drug has a similar effect to the solid form. However, to trick people, its use is dissolved in drinking water.

The liquid methamphetamine is then sold in the form of bottled drinking water with a size of 330 milliliters whose brand label has been removed.

One bottle of liquid methamphetamine for Rp. 400 thousand can be consumed by 4 people.

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