Appearing for the first time on a TV show, Saipul Jamil reveals a feeling before being arrested by the police: Having bad thoughts about God – 1NEWS

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Saipul Jamil.  Photo Source: Tribunnews

Making his first appearance on a TV show after his release, Saipul Jamil recounted the chronology of his arrest by the police for sexual abuse and bribery for his verdict, which was revealed by the KPK that ensnared him. The 41-year-old singer was sentenced to five years in prison and was officially released from Cipinang Prison, East Jakarta on Thursday, September 2, 2021.

When he felt life behind bars, Saipul Jamil admitted that he was angry with God. Why? Check out the following reviews.

Saipul Jamil premieres on TV

Saipul Jamil is now present as a guest star in the event Viral Coffee with Ustaz Maulana. They discussed many things with the hosts, Ramzi and Indra Herlambang. Including the matter of the arrest of Saipul several years ago.

When arrested by the police, Saipul admitted that he was at the peak of his career. The dangdut singer whose full name is Jamiluddin Purwanto had a bad opinion of God.

Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: Tribunnews

“As Ustadz said, I had a bad opinion of God, I had sex, I was angry, why am I that the news circulating was much more cruel, it automatically affected my work, it was very detrimental,” said Saipul Jamil, launching YouTube TransTV Official on Friday (03/09/21).

The slanted news about him discussed the arrest of Saipul Jamil. Even though when he was detained by the authorities, Saipul Jamil had just finished performing the syuruq prayer.

“Initially I thought it wouldn’t take long. I also talked to Ramzi, I was confused why I was brought here and brought here, there was news that I was arrested in my room, even though I had just returned from praying the syuruq prayer before dhuha. Suddenly there were police in the courtyard of the mosque and I was immediately taken away, so I was confused by an incident like this, there was speculation about Bang Ipul like this, Bang Ipul like that. I said ‘oh my God, how come it’s like this’, he said.

Saipul’s hunch before being picked up

Furthermore, Saipul Jamil explained his feelings before being arrested by the police. At that time, Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband seemed to have known that something bad had happened to him.

“But before the incident, there was a feeling like someone was telling you ‘you have to be ready if what God gave you is taken again by God’ and suddenly I agreed to ‘God willing’, so I said it myself. So I was like that (thinking) ‘You can get good, you have to be prepared or it doesn’t get delicious,’ said Saipul Jamil.

Saipul Jamil.  Photo Source: YouTube
Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: YouTube

Even though he had bad thoughts about God, Saipul Jamil finally tried to accept the punishment and passed it gracefully.

“When I went straight to prison (had bad thoughts about Allah). (Back again) by the time I was transferred to the detention center, I had started to accept, starting to feel relieved that I had to go through like this,” concluded Saipul Jamil.

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