Blora Satpol PP Person Kicks Youth Head, Residents: Fire!

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1NEWS – An individual member of the Blora Satpol PP kicks a youth’s head during a raid in Karangboyo Village, Cepu District, Blora, Central Java.

The violent action of the Blora Satpol PP officers received a response from many parties, especially Cepu residents.

One of the residents of Cepu, Jevri Dwi criticized the action carried out by the Satpol PP person with the initials IH.

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“It’s too much. It shouldn’t be like that. It doesn’t come in,” said Jevri to 1NEWS, Friday (3/9).

Jevri also asked related parties to give strict sanctions so that similar incidents do not happen again.

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“Don’t just be transferred. You have to be fired,” said Jevri.

In line with Jevri, a Cepu resident named Hafidh Farizal also urged the relevant leadership to dismiss the Satpol PP person.

“There is no deterrent effect if you are just transferred. You must be dismissed,” said Hafidh.


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