Can’t go down the mountain, cows in Switzerland are evacuated using helicopters

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1NEWS, Several cows with injuries or pregnancies that prevented them from making their annual journey through the Swiss Alps received assistance. They were ‘evacuated’ using helicopters.

According to the United Press, farmers in the Urnerboden area say 1,000 head of cattle will descend on Mount Klausen Pass in their annual cow parade. However, several cows were injured. Some are pregnant so they can’t travel.

About 10 cows that were unable to walk far were lifted from the mountains by helicopter.

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Farmers said the cows didn’t seem bothered by the helicopter they were in once back on the ground.

“One of the reasons for helicopter transport is that you can’t get to some pastures by car, and another is that some cows are injured, so they don’t have to walk very far,” said dairy farmer Jonas Arnold.

The rest of the herd of 1,000 are due to descend this weekend into the Urnerboden area for the annual cow parade. []


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