Careful! Iran’s Radar Can Track Stealth Aircraft

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1NEWS – Iran’s defense system is starting to worry the world. Currently, Iran’s newest radar is claimed to be able to detect stealth aircraft.

There are hardly any enemy war machines that Iran cannot monitor. The independence of Iran’s defense equipment and weapons is very good.

There have been many successful jumps made by Iran’s defense industry.

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The Americans were even surprised after Iran’s air defenses were able to shoot down an RQ-4A drone.

There are two major military projects that make Iran very confident.

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The first, the new radar. The other is a command center for an Iranian-made air defense system.

Iran’s Air Defense General Alireza Sabahi Fard praised the new equipment developed and manufactured in Iran for strengthening the country’s defense capabilities.

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“Today, Iran’s air defenses achieve a combat capability that does not require the assistance of other countries,” Fard said.


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