Chronology of Teenage Girl Forced to Have Sex by Her Stepfather, Mother’s Presence Doesn’t Help

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A teenage girl becomes a victim of rape by her stepfather in front of her biological mother.

This heinous incident was revealed after the victim with the initials KN (15) complained to his biological father.

Feeling disapproved, the father immediately reported this incident to the South Jakarta police.

Based on data that has compiled from several sources, the following is a chronology of incidents of teenage girls being forced to have sex by their stepfathers.

1. Break down the bathroom door

The stepfather Rahmat (43), asked KN to open the bathroom door.

Because of fear, Rahmat’s request was ultimately disobeyed by KN.

However, not long after, Rahmat actually broke down the bathroom door and did this heinous thing.

Feeling threatened, KN then shouted and called his mother.

2. The mother didn’t do anything

Hearing the screams of the princess, Mira (39) then went to the origin of the sound.

Instead of helping, Mira only saw her husband’s brutal treatment and asked the child not to fight back.

Not long after, it was the mother’s turn to have sex in front of KN.

“This is a very inappropriate act,” said Kasatreskrim of the South Jakarta Metro Police, Commissioner Andi Sinjaya when starting the story of the alleged molestation of minors who presented two suspects, Rahmat and Mira, at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters, Thursday 2021, as quoted from Warta Kota. in an article entitled ‘Teenage Girl Invited for Threesome By Her Mother and Stepfather’.

3. KN received threats

After the incident, Mira and Rahmat threatened KN not to tell anyone.

They promised KN IDR 200,000 and a new cellphone.

Since then, KN has chosen to remain silent because he is confused about who to tell.

“At the time of the incident, his mother was silent watching. After this second incident, the victim was given Rp. 200 thousand in money and a cellphone,” said Kompol Andi.

4. Rahmat and Mira repeat the action to KN

For the second time, KN was again forced to have sex by his stepfather and biological mother.

In mid-December 2018, when KN was playing with his sister, Mira suddenly called him and asked him to go to his room.

In the room, Rahmat was waiting for KN’s presence. The incident was repeated again until KN was overshadowed by deep trauma.

5. KN is afraid to meet Mira and Rahmat

Since then, he feels his life, especially his future, is ruined.

He was afraid when he was at home.

When he met Rahmat, he was like seeing the most frightening person in the world.

It’s the same when he sees his mother, he always thinks why the person who gave birth to him became the party that helped destroy his life.

KN thinks that this disgusting event will be the worst memory in his life.

The longer you hold back your fear, the more KN suffers.

6. KN complains to his biological father

He finally decided to complain about what happened to his biological father, SI (43).

Since his father divorced his mother eight years ago, he has been with his mother.

SI was furious to get a complaint from his son.

He then reported the incident to the police.

The police investigating the report later arrested Rahmat and Mira at their home on Jalan Tan Malaka.

“The victim was very traumatized by the incident. We cooperated with the UPT P2TP2A (Unit for the Implementation of the Integrated Service Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children) DKI Jakarta Province to provide psychological assistance to victims,” ​​he explained.

7. Mental Examination of the Suspects

Kompol Andi added, from the confession of the perpetrator, the idea to molesting KN came from Rahmat.

“Rahmat conveyed his intentions to his wife. And his wife was supportive and even helped. Later we will also examine the psychology of these two suspects, why did they even like to have sex in front of their biological children,” said Kompol Andi.

The two suspects are now huddled in the South Jakarta Mapolrestro detention house to undergo legal proceedings.

They were threatened with Article 76d junto 81 of RI Law No.35 of 2014 concerning Amendments to RI Law No.23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection with the threat of 15 years in prison.


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