Confesses Pilu Dhini Aminarti, 11 Years of Marriage Holds Sad with the Question “When Do You Have a Baby?”

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Since marrying Dimas Seto in December 2009, until now Dhini Aminarti is still waiting for her first pregnancy. Yes, 11 years of marriage, Dhini and Dimas Seto still don’t have a baby.

Just like people in general, when the age of marriage enters their twenties, the question of when to have a child often afflicts both of them. Some people even suspect that Dhini Aminarti and Dimas Seto are deliberately delaying having children.

This was conveyed by Dhini through his personal Instagram page recently. “Why don’t you have kids yet? Postpone huh?’ Questions that Dimas and I may often hear. Questions that sometimes make me confused about how to answer them,” wrote Dhini starting his story, Monday, July 5, 2021.

In the upload. Dhini also mentioned about fertility between husband and wife. According to the 38-year-old woman, the fertility of a man and a woman is not only the main factor that a woman has not been declared pregnant.

“Do you know Mom and Dad? Infertility is not necessarily caused by women, not necessarily the cause comes from men, “said Dhini Aminarti.

On the other hand, there are several factors that are not yet the time for a husband and wife to be given the opportunity to have a child.

“There is also something called idiopathic infertility or ‘unexplained infertility’. When everything is fine, but it’s not time to rock the baby,” he added.

He advised that prospective mothers out there always struggle and always have enthusiasm.

“Maybe tomorrow, maybe some other time.”


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