Cyprus vs Russia Prediction, Euro 2022 World Cup Qualification Round

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1NEWS – As people all over Europe have been waiting for, this weekend 2022 World Cup qualifiers Qatar is back. After a few days ago the fourth week was very special, of course the fifth week of the qualifying event will be more stable. Because the fifth week is expected to be very crucial, especially for those who still need a lot of points.

What’s more, fatigue also hit quite a lot after undergoing the fourth week yesterday. Surely the fifth week will be as usual, where all countries are fighting it out for the three points in their hands. It is time for European countries who are still immersed at the bottom of the group stage standings to immediately rise up in the fifth week.

At the end of the week, two countries will meet and it is reported that both camps are both in need of three points when competing. The party between two formidable teams that will soon be enjoyed by all corners of Europe is Cyprus vs Russia.

Many people also agree that the fifth week’s qualifying event will be crucial for Cyprus and Russia. The reason is that Cyprus and Russia’s position is still not completely safe when viewed from the temporary group stage standings. Therefore, it is only natural that the public will be treated to a heated elbow between Russia and Cyprus which will be held on Saturday 04 September 2021, 23.00 WIB.

Cyprus is bad in front and back

Find out more about Cyprus, it is very true that Cyprus is not too in the spotlight in almost all competitions. When Cyprus competes in a competition, of course, it is quite rare for the famous media to be interested in covering it.

However, it must be noted that currently Cyprus is slowly but surely becoming a pretty good country in terms of football. Indeed, the increase shown by Cyprus is not as fast as other European superpowers. However, the progress of Cyprus itself is considered quite good when compared to previous years. Therefore, it is not impossible for Cyprus to be able to appear vicious against Russia in the future.

However, if you want to perform optimally in the Cyprus vs Russia match, the host must be able to highlight its weak points first. Currently there are at least two weak points in Cyprus, namely the front lines and the back lines. Cyprus’ front line is considered less productive because it can only collect one goal from the last five matches. While the Cyprus rearguard is still porous and has conceded a total of 9 goals in the last five parties.

Russia Definitely Wants to Win

Whereas Russia itself in name is still much stronger than the current Cyprus squad. The material of Russian players is also quite capable of speaking a lot in the last few decades.

Not even a few also think that an easy win will be found by Russia when they meet Cyprus. It is only natural that there are many assumptions about Russia winning easily, because the credibility and experience of this country is unmatched.

Russia has quite a lot of history and a good record in World Cup qualifiers. Therefore, Russia’s main target in the party against Cyprus later is the full three points.

Cyprus vs Russia Score Prediction 04 September 2021

As already discussed that Russia is superior in terms of material, then it is easy to predict that Russia will win. Score prediction online slot agent this time it will fully lead to the Russian stronghold rather than the Cyprus squad. It looks like the tough Cyprus vs Russia match will end with a pretty landslide score 0 – 3 and Russia will get the full score.

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