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The Right Way To Store Bananas To Make It Last Long

Dream – Bananas are rich in vitamins and the price is very affordable. Its sweet taste with soft texture makes this fruit very popular with adults and children.

We often buy bananas in large quantities so that the whole family can enjoy them. Unfortunately, within a few days the bananas become mushy and their freshness diminishes. Important for Dream Friends know how to store bananas to make them last longer. Just follow the following trick.

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Hanging banana
When buying bananas you will definitely see them often hung on a hook. It turns out that there is a scientific reason for this method. Bananas are known to ripen as soon as they are picked from the tree, and the ethylene gas that regulates ripeness in bananas is released from the stems once they are picked.

When hung, the release of gas will work more slowly so that it can withstand the ripeness of the banana. In addition, hanging bananas also prevents them from going bad faster than simply putting them on the table, where they will continue to ripen quickly.

Buy bananas that are green
The best way to make bananas last longer is to buy bananas that are green in color. The bananas have been picked while still green, and will slowly ripen to a bright yellow color over time. For that you should choose bananas that are not too ripe if you want to store them longer.

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