DPRD Member Cheating, Calls Intimate Organs Similar to Squid – Beritabali.com

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newsbali.com/ist/voice.com/Members of DPRD Cheating, Calling Intimate Organs Similar to Squids

Beritabali.com, NASIONAL.
Indecent chat circulating from a man suspected of being a member of the DPRD with the initials DS with his mistress who is none other than the wife of his nephew, LA. In the chat, it was known that DS praised LA’s sex organs. He praised his nephew’s wife’s intimate organs were similar to squid.
The affair was first sniffed out by one of LA’s siblings. He was suspicious because his brother-in-law did not come home.

The husband then looked for LA, which turned out to be running away with his two children. He also accidentally left his cellphone in which he found a disgusting chat from the DS.

DS, in the chat without awkwardly praising LA’s sex organs similar to squid. From there, it was suspected that the two had been in a relationship for a long time so that there was no longer any awkwardness in sending nasty chats.

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