Eben Burgerkill Dies After Fainting At Filming Location

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Eben Burgerkill Dies After Fainting At Filming Location

Posted on: 09/3/21 at 4:30 pm

Photo: Facebook.com/TrueMegabenz.

Eben Burgerkill, Once this musician was known, the exemplary metal musician who was admired by many fellow musicians, especially the Begundals (as Burgerkill fans) had passed away.

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This obituary certainly breaks the hearts of all Indonesian and international rock music people. Burgerkill is an Indonesian metal band with an international standard.

The guitarist whose real name is Aries Tanto breathed his last at the Bungsu Hospital, Bandung at around 15:59 WIB, today, Friday, September 3, 2021.

This sad news was confirmed by one of Eben’s old friends, Aris Satria, the owner of the Metalgodz shop. He heard the news directly from the deceased’s closest friends and associates.

“Eben had a heart attack. He had fainted on the set. This morning he tapped for the BK (Burgerkill -Ed.) event in collaboration with Ahmad Dhani,” said Aris when contacted by telephone.

After fainting, Eben was immediately rushed to the hospital. But not long after arriving there, the founder of the Burgerkill band was declared dead.

“Even though last night I still met him, euy! Still healthy, just normal, joking, “added Aris with a sad tone.

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Goodbye, Eben Burgerkill, thank you for all your dedication and contribution to scene Indonesian rock and metal. Thanks for all your work, especially at Burgerkill. A metal band that has made the name of the Indonesian nation proud in the eyes of the international community. You will be dearly missed… rest in power, brother! We love you so much! m/

Writer & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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