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Had bad news because Batata could not go down during the inaugural match against PSIS Semarang, Persela Lamongan could breathe a little easier. The reason is, Gian Zola was finally able to go to Jakarta to compete in the first series of BRI Liga 1 2021.

Persela manager, Edy Yunan Achmadi revealed, Zola left for Jakarta with his entourage on Wednesday night (1/9/2021). Zola was finally able to leave because he had completed his COVID-19 vaccination.

“Zola went with him because he finished the second vaccine yesterday before leaving, with Andri Muliadi,” said Yunan, Thursday (2/9/2021).

Yunan said that currently there are 3 Persela players who have not received the second dose of vaccine, namely Nujlal Afifi, Riswan Yusman and Iman Budi.

“For Afifi, Riswan and Iman yesterday, we used the Astra vaccine, so the interval from the first dose to the second dose is 3 months. The first vaccine is currently starting to train in preparation for League 1, and the second vaccine schedule is still this month. Unlike Andri Muliadi and Gian Zola, they use the Sinovac vaccine,” said Yunan.

The presence of Gian Zola is a breath of fresh air for Laskar Joko Tingkir. Zola is expected to be able to add creativity in the Persela midfield which will certainly not be strengthened by Guilherme Batata due to a metatarsal injury. Previously, it was feared that Zola would not be able to appear in the inaugural BRI Liga 1 2021 match, because he had just received the first stage of the vaccine.


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