Former Chelsea defender reveals reasons for refusing Fiorentina to return to Atalanta – 1NEWS

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Zappacosta mentions the reason for choosing Atalanta over Fiorentina – Davide Zappacosta revealed that the reason he chose to accept Atalanta’s offer over Fiorentina was because of the Gian Piero Gasperini factor and his conversation with La Dea president last season.

It is difficult to get a place in the Chelsea first team, the future of Davide Zappacosta is certainly far from Stamford Bridge this summer. The player was widely linked with Fiorentina because the team from the city of Florence did need a new right-back after releasing Pol Lirola to Marseille.

However, instead of grazing with La Viola, Zappacosta chose to leave for Atalanta which cornered the team made by Vincenzo Italiano. La Dea reportedly redeemed the former Genoa retainer for Rp. 170 billion so that he could get it back with permanent status.

Speaking to L’Eco in Bergamo Zappacosta revealed his reasons for accepting Atalanta were for two important reasons. First, the player really wants to work with La Dea coach, Gasperini whose name is on the rise in the last few seasons with the success of bringing his team to qualify for the Champions League three seasons in a row.

Zappacosta feels that even at the age of 29, he will still be able to continue to develop as a player with the guidance of Gasperini. Apart from the coaching factor, the right-back also said his conversation with the Atalanta president in May was one of the keys that made him prioritize the club from Bergamo.

According to the player, at that time the president admitted that he really wanted to return Zappacosta to Bergamo if there was a chance. This made him immediately tell his agent to prioritize La Dea if they made an offer.

As a player who played for Atalanta in the 2014-2015 season, Zappacosta still seems to really appreciate the team so he is willing to prioritize them over Fiorentina. The player also admitted that he did not have negative feelings towards La Viola but that personal reason was his reference in choosing to accept the offer from La Dea.

Zappacosta now does not have a target that is too grandiose other than trying to help his new team at this time. The player certainly hopes to maintain the slick performance of La Dea so far.

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