Give a Stage for Saipul Jamil, TransTV Accounts Are Attacked by Netizen Protests

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1NEWS – TransTV immediately welcomed Saipul Jamil upon his return from prison. Not only broadcasting Ipul’s freedom process live, TransTV also provides space for Ipul to exist again through its regular programs.

The day after being released from Cipinang Prison, Saipul Jamil appeared as a guest star for the Viral Coffee program, Friday (3/9). The presence of Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband was heavily promoted on TransTV’s social media accounts and the program in question. As a result, TransTV’s Instagram account was flooded with protests from netizens.

Many regretted TransTV’s move to provide a stage for Saipul Jamil. They question their empathy for victims of sexual abuse, who will certainly be shaken when they see Ipul’s appearance on TV.

“This is how you do it. For the sake of money and ratings, you guys prefer to invite things that aren’t something that people can be proud of. It looks like money beats everyone else,” wrote netizens in the comments column. “Inviting him for what purpose? Want to ask about the experience while he’s inside? I feel sorry for the victims :(,” said another netizen. “Please empathize with the victim, how does he feel seeing the wara wiri actor on TV is considered a hero,” Other netizens also regretted it.

Previously, sexologist Zoya Amirin balked at Saipul Jamil’s presence in the Indonesian television industry. According to Zoya, the appearance of Ipul in public spaces will have a major impact on the victims of his deviant sexual behavior.

“He’s a pedpfil actor, imagine the victim’s feelings seeing him on TV, being accepted by the public, being given attention. And when you talk about trials, you just know, humans who commit SEXUAL HARASSMENT are called DISASTER,” said Zoya Amirin, in an upload on Instagram

“Do you think? He’s not a narcoboy, he’s not the only one, but there are VICTIMS. THERE ARE OTHER HUMANS THAT HAVE BEEN DIFFICULT BECAUSE OF HIM,” Zoya continued.

Writer Ari Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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