Governor Anies and Social Minister Risma Received an Important Message from the Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly, Please Read!

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1NEWS, Deputy Chairman of the MPR RI Jazilul Fawaid together with PWNU DKI Jakarta met the fire victims in RT 14, RW 05, Kebon Blank Village, Kemayoran District, Central Jakarta.

Gus Jazil – Jazilul Fawaid’s nickname – together with PWNU DKI Jakarta also brought assistance in the form of cash worth Rp. 1 million each and basic necessities.

Gus Jazil said that hundreds of fire victims in Kebon Blank Village were in very poor condition. In fact, since it burned on Sunday (29/8/2021), until now the debris of the fire has not been cleaned up. Meanwhile, the fire victims are still living in the refugee camps at SDN 09 Kebon Blank.

There were as many as 60 doors of houses that were burned, consisting of 55 families and 250 people. While those who are still in school are 25 elementary school students, 9 junior high school students, 12 high school students, 17 toddlers, and 10 elderly people.

“The distance to Kebon Blank is only about 3 kilos from the DKI Governor’s Office. The government here is very close, the Ministry of Social Affairs, there is a Governor, I hope it doesn’t linger. Come down immediately and make sure the future of the ladies and gentlemen who are here, where will their house be, their children need education,” said Gus Jazil who is also Deputy Chair of PWNU DKI when handing over assistance from PWNU DKI, Friday (3/9/2021).

Gus Jazil said the victims of this fire were Indonesian citizens who had to share the joy of independence.

“This location is very close to a very tall apartment building while they have not been noticed. How is his health? The presence of PWNU actually wants to knock on all of our hearts, especially in DKI Jakarta, a special area of ​​the capital city whose citizens are still not enjoying the development of DKI Jakarta,” he said.

The victims of this fire are like falling down the stairs. In the midst of difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their place of residence burned down. “I knock on the hearts of the nation’s leaders, please come down here. We have our brothers and sisters, our citizens, I see the difficulties are extraordinary,” he said.

Gus Jazil said, Nahdlatul Ulama will always stand by the people who are having difficulties wherever they are. “Nahdlatul Ulama will always be with people who are in trouble,” he explained.

According to him, the victims of these fires do not only need assistance with their daily needs, but also how their future, including their place of residence, must be arranged and coordinated by the State. The same applies to the health and education of their children.

“Come here, Mrs. Minister of Social Affairs, have a look here Mrs. Minister of the Environment. Take a look at the environment in this Empty Garden. Minister of Land, if the status of the land is not clear, try to see what kind of land it is. We are all citizens who are submissive and obedient to the state,” said Gus Jazil.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Central Jakarta PCNU, Gus Syaifuddin, said that the presence of Gus Jazil as Deputy Chair of the MPR and Deputy Chair of the DKI PWNU was very meaningful as a form of moral support for the fire victims.

“His presence shows that the ladies and gentlemen who have experienced this calamity do not feel alone. Maybe his presence can convey to the policy makers in DKI that they can pay attention to all of you, “he explained. Gus Syaifuddin also invited all parties to work together to ease the burden of the fire victims.

Yulianto, the coordinator in charge of the fire refugee post, expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by PWNU DKI Jakarta.

“On behalf of the coordinator in charge of the fire refugee post and all ranks, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the participation of the kiai, ajengans and NU administrators who have visited us in the refugee camps,” he said.[TIM].


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