Had Participated in the Indonesian Idol Audition, Rossa Collaborated with Gaza Saleh Ali to the Label

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ACCURATE.CO Singer Rossa did not think long about attracting talented young singers to the label she created called Inspire Music.

Friday (3/9), Rossa officially introduced her new singer, Gaza Saleh Ali Auwine. It is known that Gaza had auditioned for Indonesia Idol last year.

Now, with the joining of Gaza to Inspire Music, he immediately made his debut single, More Than Love, created by Pika Iskandar.

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer, but it was only a dream. I started actively practicing vocals about 2 months before I auditioned for Indonesian Idol,” Gaza said in a virtual conference to the media crew, Friday (3/9).

Gaza admitted, after undergoing the Indonesian Idol audition, he had to find a way to produce works in the music industry.

“After Indonesian Idol, I want to have a work. I like the songs created by kak Pika, after a long chat with kak Pika, finally the song More Than Love was released, which has the same meaning as the lyrics, I really feel it in my heart,” explained Gaza add.

Under the direction of musical arrangements by Pika Iskandar and Pramudito, then executive producer and producer by P. Intan. S. As for vocal arrangement & vocal directed, Gaza got knowledge from Irvnat, Mixing & Mastered at Kafi Studio by Eko Sulistiyo.

“I got a lot of knowledge in the process of this single. I was also told by Ocha (Rossa) tea, I still lacked this and that. Then I fixed it until it became this song,” said the man who was born 17 years ago.

Meanwhile, the creator of the song More than love, Pika Iskandar, said that he had been looking for Gaza since he was seen on YouTube.


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