Haven’t Sleep Since 2014 This Mother in West Bandung Was Medically Examined and the Result Was Unexpected

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Cucu (45), a mother in West Bandung who has not slept since 2014 again underwent a medical examination at the hospital. Then what was the result?

The mother of two has a rare condition. He admits that since 2014 he has started to lose sleep regularly until he can no longer sleep. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he clearly admitted that he couldn’t sleep at all every night.

Fani Fadilah, Grandson’s second child, said that his mother had just undergone an examination at the Santosa Hospital. Including doing a CT Scan to see what happened to the head.

“Yesterday, the results of the CT Scan of his head came out from the hospital. His condition was normal, nothing was said by the doctor,” said Fani when contacted detik.com, Friday (3/9/2021).

Although there were no disturbances in her head, Fani said that her mother would undergo another CT Scan to see the disturbances in the neck.

“But the problem is in the neck and spine. So it says something is stuck in the neck. It’s been scheduled for a repeat CT scan, but we don’t know the date yet,” said Fani.

Fani and the rest of her family really hope that there will be good results from the series of examinations carried out on her mother so that she can return to her normal condition as usual.

“Hopefully he can recover again, he can be normal. It’s a pity if this continues, the family will also be sad,” explained Fani.



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