His body was kicked out because of a trivial thing, this grandfather begged to the police so that his grandson would not be imprisoned, the perpetrator cried while being interrogated

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Not long ago, a video went viral on social media which showed a grandson’s violent actions against his own grandfather.

This video suddenly went viral on social media because the grandson brutally kicked his grandfather and hit his grandfather’s head until he was helpless.

Launching Grid.ID, the viral video of a grandson kicking his grandfather’s body brutally was first spread by the Instagram account @ndorobeii.rescue on Wednesday.

In the video, a grandfather is seen helplessly kicked by a man who is his grandson blindly.

Even though in the video the victim did not give any resistance.

There was also a grandmother trying to stop her granddaughter’s rude actions.

Unfortunately, the young man still kicked the grandfather who had fallen on the floor.

In fact, the grandson even more so by pushing (knocking) his grandfather’s head.

Receiving such harsh treatment, the grandfather did not resist at all and only muttered asking for forgiveness.

Investigate a calibaration, acts of violence against elderly men that really happened.

Launching Kompas.com, the violence took place in Kedungbata Village, Limbalan District, Kendal on Sunday.

The two parties involved in the viral video are the grandson, Yusminardi (22), and his grandfather, Wasidi (65).

Launching from the Central Java Tribune, due to this viral act of violence, the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kendal Police, AKP Nanung Nugraha, said that the perpetrator, the grandson of the victim, had been detained at the Kendal Resort Police.

“Currently, we have arrested the perpetrators and taken them to the Kendal Resort Police for questioning,” said AKP Nanung Nugraha.

Based on the preliminary investigation by the police, the motive for committing the violence was a trivial matter.

The Limbangan Police Chief, Iptu Agus Riyanto, said that Yusminardi went into a rage because his grandfather had spread fish food into the pond that should be used for bathing.

The grandfather spread the feed because he had just put the fish into the pond.

“The perpetrator was emotional because when he took a bath he found a pool for bathing filled with fish food.

Even the fish food went into his mouth, therefore the perpetrators went berserk,” explained Iptu Agus Riyanto.

Regarding the arrest of the perpetrator by the Limbangan Police Chief, apparently this actually made the grandfather or the victim not breathe a sigh of relief.

The victim, who is the perpetrator’s grandfather, was not happy that the police arrested his grandson for this incident.

Citing Kompas.com, the perpetrator’s grandfather, Wasidi, even begged the police to free his grandson.

If his grandson is arrested, Wasidi will sleep in prison with his grandson.

“I want my grandson to come home,” Wasidi said firmly to Kompas reporters, Thursday.

Wasidi admitted that he was sincere even though his grandson had kicked his body.

He did not even hold grudges or anger because his body did not experience any pain after receiving the rough treatment of his grandson.

“I’m sane (healthy), I’m fine,” continued Wasidi.

It is known that Yusmiardi’s grandson has lived with him since he was a child.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the abuse, Yusmiardi, who is also the victim’s grandson, cannot be questioned because the police are still being questioned.

He was seen looking down and crying in front of the officers who were interrogating him.

Kendal Police Chief AKBP Hamka Mapaitta emphasized that the legal process must continue, because this is for learning.

The Limbangan police chief said the video that went viral on social media was recorded by another victim’s grandson, who was still in elementary school.

The underage recorder wanted to give the video to his parents, but instead it spread to social media.


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