How Dare to Deceive Abu Nawas? Yes, Got Tricked Back

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ACCURATE.CO Once upon a time, there was a Yoga expert who invited a priest to conspire to shake the Faith of Abu Nawas. After they agreed, they left for the house of Abu Nawas.

Arriving at the house of Abu Nawas, they saw Abu Nawas doing the Duha prayer. After being invited in by the wife of Abu Nawas, they entered and waited for Abu Nawas while chatting casually.

After praying, Abu Nawas greeted them. Abu Nawas and his guests chatted for a while.

“Arrival We are actually here to invite you on a holy odyssey. If you don’t mind joining us.” said the Yoga Expert.

“Wow with pleasure. When is it time?” asked Abu Nawas innocently.

“Tomorrow morning,” said the Pastor.

“Alright, then we’ll meet at the teahouse tomorrow,” said Abu Nawas agreed.

The next day, they set off together. Abu Nawas wore the robes of a Sufi. Yoga experts and priests wear their respective religious uniforms. Because they did not bring lunch, in the middle of the trip, they felt hungry.

“Hi Abu Nawas, how about you just collect alms to buy food for the three of us. Because we’re going to have a service.” said the Pastor.

Without saying much, Abu Nawas set out to find and started collecting alms from one village to another. After the donations were collected, Abu Nawas immediately bought enough food for three people.

Finally, Abu Nawas returned to the Pastor and Yoga Expert with food. Because he could not hold back his hunger Abu Nawas said, “Let’s immediately share this food right now,”.

“Do not now. We’re fasting.” said the Yoga Expert.

“But I only want my share while yours is up to you when you want to eat it.” asked Abu Nawas.

“I do not agree. We must always be together in whatever we do.” said the Pastor.

“That’s right, I also do not agree because my meal time tomorrow morning. Not now. I’ll be breaking my fast tomorrow morning.” said the Yoga Expert.

“Is not that I, whom you sent for alms, have now exchanged that alms for this food. Now you guys won’t let me take part myself. It doesn’t make sense,” said Abu Nawas starting to feel irritated.

While Pastors and Yoga Experts still insist on not allowing Abu Nawas to take part. This time Abu Nawas really felt irritated and angry. However, Abu Nawas did not show the slightest irritation and anger.

“How if we make a pact, said the Pastor to Abu Nawas.

“What agreement?” asked Abu Nawas.

“Our have a competition. Whoever among us has the most beautiful dream, he will get the second most part less and the worst one will get the least.” The priest explained.

Abu Nawas agreed. He made no comment.

It doesn’t feel like it’s getting late. Priests and Yoga Experts are sleepy and sleepy. Abu Nawas at that time could not sleep. He was just pretending to be asleep.

After feeling sure his friends were asleep Abu Nawas approached the food. Without thinking twice, Abu Nawas immediately ate the food

until nothing remains. After feeling full, Abu Nawas was able to fall asleep.

In the morning, they wake up almost at the same time. The yogi with a beaming face recounted,

“Earlier last night I dreamed of entering a garden that was very similar to Nirvana. I feel pleasure that I have never felt before in this life.”

The priest said that the dream of the Yoga Master is truly amazing. Then it was the Pastor’s turn to tell him his dream last night.

“I as if pierced through space and time. And it turned out to be true. I accidentally managed to infiltrate the past where the founder of my religion lived. I met him and what makes me happier is that I was blessed by him.”

Yoga experts also praise the greatness of the Pastor’s dream. But Abu Nawas was silent. He didn’t seem the least bit interested.

Because Abu Nawas has not yet told his dream. Pastors and Yoga Experts began to get impatient not to ask about the dream of Abu Nawas.

“You certainly know the Prophet David AS. He was a prophet who was an expert in fasting. Last night I dreamed I was talking to him. He asked if I fasted or not. I said I was fasting because I hadn’t eaten since the early hours of the morning, then he told me to eat immediatelyopen because it was night. Of course I did not dare to ignore his orders. I immediately got up from sleep and immediately finished the food, “ clearly Abu Nawas without the slightest feeling of guilt.

While holding back the hunger that pierced the stomachs of the Priest and the Yoga Master, they could only stare at each other. Thus, Abu Nawas’s annoyance was cured. They realized that there was no point in playing with an Abu Nawas, there would only be bad luck.[]


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