Hyejeong AOA Allegedly Uploading Photos with Girlfriends, FNC Entertainment Speaks Up | Kpop Chart

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Previously, on September 2, 2021, one of the AOA members, Hyejeong surprised fans after she uploaded a photo showing her posing with a man.

Many speculate that the man is Hyejeong’s boyfriend and this idol accidentally uploaded his photo on his public Instagram account.

In response to this, Hyejeong’s agency, FNC Entertainment, spoke up which straightened out various rumors about the photos uploaded by the artist.

“After confirming with Hyejeong, we learned that the man in the photo is a close friend Hyejeong had studied acting with since their high school days. They took several selcas as close friends, but after seeing the misunderstanding caused by the photos, Hyejeong decided to delete them,” said the agency explaining the story behind the upload of the photo.

Previously, AOA’s Hyejeong had also had a romantic relationship with an actor named Ryu Ui Hyun, but ran aground at the end of 2019. (1NEWS)

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