In addition to storing goods, Queen Elizabeth II’s bag can also send a secret code

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1NEWS – Queen Elizabeth II always carries a handbag or handbag wherever she goes. Not once did he let go of his bag. Many are curious, what is in the bag of the most powerful woman in England? Is there anything special? Or is it just something that most women carry with them? Interestingly, the bag also functions as a secret code sender. Really?

According to British royal biographer Sally Badell Smith, there is nothing special in Queen Elizabeth II’s handbag. The contents are like what most women carry. The Queen only kept a small mirror, lipstick, pens, mints and reading glasses in her bag. Sometimes, he also carries cash. Usually the money is used for offerings when going to church every Sunday.

In addition to storing personal items, apparently there is another function of Queen Elizabeth II’s handbag. According to the Telegraph report, the bag was also used to send secret codes to its staff. For example, if he wants to get out of a conversation with someone, then he will move his bag from one hand to the other. It was a signal for the staff to immediately direct the Queen to another place or person. And, if she wanted to finish the dinner, the Queen would put her handbag right on the table to show that she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Writer Hutapea Binsar

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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