Infected with Covid-19, Pregnant Women Are Forced to Give Birth Alone in Hospital | 1NEWS

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The woman was supposed to have a cesarean section, but the baby was born first.

Dream – Last July, a post on Facebook went viral in Malaysia. The post contains information about a woman infected with Covid-19 who was forced to give birth alone in a hospital in Johor without the help of medical personnel.

The daily Utusan reported that the woman made a Facebook post on July 31, claiming that she had to give birth alone in a special isolation room for pregnant women after testing positive for Covid-19. She said hospital staff did not respond to her calls to help with the delivery.

The Johor State Department of Health (JKNJ) has finally opened an investigation into this case. On September 1, JKNJ Health Director, Aman stated the matter would be investigated further and would take action if necessary.

In his statement, Aman stated that the patient was 36 years old. The woman is pregnant with her fourth child at 39 weeks pregnant.

“The patient arrived at the examination room at 05.33 on July 23 because she had early signs of labor. She was in close contact with her husband who was positive for Covid-19,” said Aman.

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Prepared for Caesarean Operation

According to Aman, the patient was examined by medical personnel and is known to be in the early stages of birth. The woman entered the isolation room at 10.18am while waiting for the results of the Covid-19 test.

After the test results came out and declared positive for Covid-19, the patient was placed in the delivery room with the door of the room closed. The room was quite far from the nurse’s room.

Medical officers and nurses wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and examine patients at 16.26. Then, a specialist makes the decision to carry out the delivery by caesarean section.

At that time, the woman’s opening was only 4 cm wide and had irregular contractions. He was then prepared for surgery and placed in a closed isolation room.

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The baby is born faster without the help of the health care provider

However, the birth process began to occur unexpectedly. Six hours earlier than expected, the woman’s baby was born.

“The patient gave birth alone and the baby was found in the patient’s bed. The process of putting on PPE will take time before the staff on duty can assist the patient,” the statement said.

The woman also claims to hear people laughing nearby. But Aman said perhaps the laughter came from another delivery room performing a ‘vacuum’ birth procedure.

On September 2, JKNJ has confirmed that the allegation of the woman giving birth alone is true World of Buzz

Report: Elyzabeth Yulivia

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