Instead of taking care of unimportant things, this is public advice for the government. Take care of these 11 problems first~

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It is no longer a new problem that recently the Indonesian government has been in the spotlight of the wider community. Starting from the government system in the regions, the central government, to problematic institutions that are of public concern. This is none other than because of the actions of our officials who are considered incompetent.

Existing problems continue to pile up, to the point of making people feel uncomfortable. Corruption, bullying cases in government agencies, unclear law enforcement, to the chaotic handling of the pandemic cannot be separated from the blunders of our government.

Unfortunately, the people sitting in the soft chairs instead choose to take care of things that are not really important. If it’s like this, who doesn’t want to be angry? Than peat or confused about what to do, the official father or mother it would be nice to read the netizens’ suggestions below.

1. Surely many will agree with this suggestion. It’s not good, we’re comfortable lying down suddenly someone calls offering insurance~

Privacy concerns / Credit: Twitter

2. I’m also annoyed, from elementary school we were told to learn about the implementation of the five precepts, it’s a big turn, don’t you know that Indonesian officials don’t understand Pancasila

Implementation of Pancasila / Credit: Twitter

3. Because of the many blunders made by the government, the current level of public trust can certainly decrease greatly. This is a PR that must be completed!

Increase public trust / Credit: Twitter

4. This issue is also often felt by the public. We want to complain about a problem to the authorities, but the follow-up is just being ignored

It’s hard to be an Indonesian / Credit: Twitter

5. This seems to be a serious problem that all of us have to face. Just in the name of development, green space is spent. Hadeeh!

Stop exploiting nature / Credit: Twitter

6. The difficulty of being an Indonesian is partly because of this one problem. No matter how smart we are, in the end we will lose to insiders

Insider stuff / Credit: Twitter

7. The world of entertainment that is not of high quality coupled with an incompetent government is indeed the most annoying combination

Entertaiment problem / Credit: Twitter

8. I think this PR should be the government’s priority. Otherwise, the handling of the pandemic will not be done in the near future

Handling the pandemic / Credit: Twitter

9. Empowerment of human resources and natural resources in Indonesia has always been a complicated problem. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Can, no, can!

Human Resources and Natural Resources Empowerment / Credit: Twitter

10. The harsh reality is that law enforcement in Indonesia has always been sharp downwards and blunt upwards. Very annoying!

Law enforcement / Credit: Twitter

11. The root of all the existing problems, the people are really tired of facing the reality of corruption cases in Indonesia. There’s no end~

Corruption issue / Credit: Twitter

Mentioning one by one the problems that should be done by the Indonesian government sometimes feels very difficult. The reason is, so many things that have piled up make us as a society forget. Whether it’s corruption, education, poverty, the environment, and many others.

Hopefully in the future the Indonesian government will really want to hear listen to our voices, yes!

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