Is it true if the wife remarries, in heaven with the last husband? Buya Yahya Gives an Explanation

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A person who is left behind by his partner, then remarries, is a natural thing. It is permissible for him to marry again to avoid adultery.

However, many say that if a wife is married more than once, she will not be able to be with her first husband in heaven. But with her last husband. Is that right?

Check out Buya Yahya’s explanation in this article, reported by PORTAL JEMBER from the Al-Bahjah TV Youtube video uploaded December 4, 2018.

Buya Yahya said that there is no need to worry about who you will be with in heaven, the important thing is to go to heaven.

Because in heaven you are free to choose which one, the important thing is that you both go to heaven. In heaven the rules are different. For example, there is a wife who dies, then her husband in the world remarries.

There is no such thing as jealousy when people have died, because nature is already natural barzah. And in heaven later will never be jealous of the angels. Angels are just like the pleasures in the world.

Meanwhile, a woman who has good deeds her beauty cannot be compared with an angel. So Buya Yahya suggested not to be confused about which husband to join.

“Don’t scare women who want to get married,” said Buya Yahya

“For women who are widows, fear Allah. Getting married is a lawful thing,” he continued.

Buya Yahya also told the children not to forbid their mother to remarry.

“Don’t think of your mother as just a mother, but think of it from the side of a woman who has desires that cannot be represented by anyone,” said Buya Yahya.

Because there are many widowed women who commit unlawful acts just because they feel bad for their children if they remarry.

“If the woman is pious, her husband will die. Then remarry properly, yes heaven,” said Buya Yahya.

“In heaven you are free to choose, in heaven you can ask for anything,” he continued.

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