Jungkook BTS Again Breaks Records on His Birthday | Kpop Chart

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The birthday celebration of the youngest member of the BTS boy group shows the great enthusiasm of fans on social media.

This is evidenced by various hashtags and keywords on Twitter which have a total of tweets with extraordinary numbers.

It is known that Jungkook has 7 hashtags and 3 keywords related to his birthday on September 1, 2021, which has a total of over 1 million tweets for each hashtag and keyword.

Because of this, Jungkook is said to be the first South Korean idol to have various hashtags with a total of more than 1 million tweets.

Meanwhile, the keyword ‘JUNGKOOK’ on his birthday managed to break through 9.1 million tweets. (1NEWS)

‘JUNGKOOK’ : 9.1 million tweets
‘정국’ : 3.4 million tweets
#HappyBirthdayJungkook : 2.8 million tweets
#JungKook : 2.5 million tweets
#HappyJKDay‌ : 2.1 million tweets
#정국생일ᄎᄏ : 1.55 million tweets
‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNGKOOK’ : 1.5 million tweets
#HappyJungkookDay : 1.4 million tweets
#JKHBD_COOKING : 1 million tweets
#JungkookBirthday : 1 million tweets

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