Juventus Make Plans to Return Paul Pogba

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1NEWS – After the closing of the summer transfer window in 2021 this time, Juventus is reportedly re-arranging the scenario for the upcoming 2022 transfer market. Bringing Paul Pogba Home from Manchester United reportedly will be their priority.

Entering the Final Year

Paul Pogba has been a mainstay in the midfield sector by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a central midfielder. The arrival of Bruno Fernandes last season was not even able to shift the position of this French player. Paul Pogba’s vital role is still very much needed by the Red Devils squad in their pursuit of the title. Unfortunately the togetherness between Paul Pogba and Manchester United is likely to end at the end of the season.

The 2021/2022 season is known to be the last season in Pogba’s latest contract with Manchester United. Knowing this, the Red Devils management is still trying to seduce the player to stay afloat. However, the 28-year-old midfielder has yet to show signs of agreeing to a new contract at Manchester United.

Quoted from Tuttosport, the current situation between Manchester United and Paul Pogba Until this moment, Juventus’ development is still being monitored. The team from the city of Turin, Italy is likely to take advantage. Where the management of the Old Lady will try to hijack the midfielder from the arms of Manchester United in the January 2022 winter market.

Allegri’s Dream Player

According to media report sources ride88 Above, Juventus management wants to bring Pogba to Turin for several reasons. Apart from being dissatisfied with the current midfielder, Massimiliano Allegri is known to be a coach who really wants Paul Pogba to join his team. Pogba is a very special player in the eyes of the Juventus coach this season. He thinks that Pogba is one of the best playmakers in the world today.

With the arrival of Paul Pogba at the Allianz Arena, it is certain that the performance of the Bianconeri squad will increase. With these strong reasons, Allegri reportedly pleaded with Juventus to desperately bring in Paul Pogba next year.

Pogba’s appearance this season is quite good with Manchester United. Even though he has just started the competition, the midfielder has already made five assists and scored three goals in the Premier League for the 2021/2022 season.

Not an easy thing

Still, according to the same report source, the path that Juventus will take in the return of Paul Pogba to Turin will certainly not be easy. Because for now the situation is different. On the one hand, Manchester United are still tempting Paul Pogba to immediately renew his contract at Old Trafford. While looking at the situation in the last 2 years from the playmaker, there are several clubs that have started to hunt for his services.

Juventus is no longer the sole fan of Paul Pogba’s services. It is known that there are two other big-name clubs such as Real Madrid and PSG who are also trying to hijack him from the club made by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. This is because the player has a great opportunity to leave on a free transfer.

Seeing this situation, the party Juventus will work very hard to convince Paul Pogba that he is willing to return to Turin this summer. Juventus management is optimistic that they can repatriate the player by relying on their closeness to Mino Raiola as the agent of Paul Pogba.

Previously, Paul Pogba had played for Juventus for four seasons and made 124 appearances. During this togetherness, the French player was able to pack 28 goals in all competitions for the Old Lady’s squad.

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