Korpiklaani Cover Version of Finnish ‘Got The Time’ Popularized by Anthrax

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Korpiklaani Covers Folk Finnish Metal Version 'Got The Time', A Song Popularized by Anthrax

Posted on: 09/3/21 at 9:00 am

Photo: Peero Lakanen.

Korpiklaani released their 11th studio album,Jylh , in February through Nuclear Blast Records. The album was hailed by critics in the media and fans as Korpiklaani’s most elaborate and mature album to date. Who would have thought, in the middle of the recording session of the album, this Finnish folk metal band harbored a special song.

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“This album explodes with the aggressive song ‘Verikoira’, composed with the valiant JUDAS PRIEST ‘Painkiller’ in mind. One can also hear my vocal tribute to the one and only Mr. Rob Halford”, said Jonne, the vocalist.

“However, Jylh not only a stunning heavy metal album, but an album full-length we are the most versatile. For example, some of the new songs feature energetic punk rock influences and there are even some relaxed reggae rhythms to be heard. I’m also happy to mention that one of our closest metal friends, bass player Jack Gibson from thrash legend EXODUS, made a guest appearance with his banjo!” added Jonne.

Korpiklaani - Jylhä album cover artwork

Jylh tracklist:

  1. “Verikoira”
  2. “Niemi”
  3. “Leväluhta”
  4. “Mylly”
  5. “Tuuleton”
  6. “Sanaton Maa”
  7. “Kiuru”
  8. “Miero”
  9. “Pohja”
  10. “Huolettomat”
  11. “Anolan Aukeat”
  12. “Pidot”
  13. “Juuret”

Korpiklaani Has a Song Cover Saved From Recording SessionsJylh

And during the recording session Jylh, Korpiklaani turned out to havecover and record classic songs anthrax ‘Got The Time’. This song was originally also a 1978 song by British musician Joe Jackson. But it was popularized again in 1990 with thecover by the thrash metal band born in New York, United States. This is a special song that they have been hiding all this time.

And Korpiklaani changed ‘Got The Time’ into their signature Finnish-folk metal tone and style and the title became ‘Ennen’ (which means ‘Before’). Of course the lyrics are in Finnish. But that’s not all. They have shot his music video which is wild and very entertaining. Recorded by Markku Kirves and again starring actor Yrjänä Ermala.

“This is the first time a video producer has pushed us to drink while filming a video and we are so excited to do it as directed!” said John.

Sixtet Korpiklaani consists of Jonne Järvelä (vocals, acoustic guitar), Sami Perttula (accordion), Tuomas Rounakari (violin), Jarkko Aaltonen (bass), Kalle “Cane” Savijärvi (guitar), and Samuli Mikkonen (drums and percussion).

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Enjoy the music video for Korpiklaani’s version of the cheerful song ‘Got The Time’ below.

Author, Translator & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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