Legendary, these 8 old-school beauty products were really hits in the 90s! Anyone Like It Too?

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Beauty product from time to time always experience changes, one of which is because the trend continues to rotate. Currently we are surrounded by a variety of beauty products from various brands, in fact we often get confused when we want to buy a product because we are tempted by other similar products. Unlike today, in the past, perhaps women did not have enough product choices because the growth of cosmetics was not as diverse as it is today.

Even so, there are several vintage beauty products which are still being produced and you can still find them today! What are the products? Let’s see the full review!

1. First, there is the legendary moisturizing cream Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream which has a yellow packaging. Still remember this?

Hazeline Moisturizer | Credit via tokopedia.com

This moisturizer from Hazeline can provide a cooling, soft, and brightening effect on facial skin. The packaging also uses a bright color, namely yellow and is sold at a price of around Rp. 60 thousand – Rp. 85 thousand.

2. This loose powder from the Marcks brand was also a favorite product in the past and you can still find it today

Marcks Powder | Credit via IG @marckscosmeticind

The loose powder from the Marcks brand has also become one of the legendary products and still exists today. It seems that bright colors did dominate the beauty products of the past because Marcks powder also has a bright yellow packaging. Currently you can still find this product in five color variants that can be adjusted to your skin tone. You can easily find this product because it is widely sold in convenience stores or supermarkets drugstore closest.

3. Viva Face Powder Satin Smooth comes in a quite unique and different packaging, namely using a sachet

Viva face powder | Credit via tokopedia.com

Powder in sachets? Isn’t that wrong? Yep, it’s not wrong. This loose powder with sachet packaging really exists. This powder is a favorite product of ancient women because it gives a satin and soft finish to suppress oil production on the face.

4. Kelly Pearl Cream, which is famous for its red packaging, has also become a cosmetic product that hit the 90s era

Kelly pearl cream | Credit via kellycosmetics.id

This cream from beauty brand Kelly deserves the nickname as a complete product because it can be used as a moisturizer and also as a moisturizer foundation when applying makeup. This product is also cheap because it is sold at a price of around IDR 4 thousand – IDR 10 thousand.

5. Fanbo powder is a loose powder which is also a product of the love of women in the 90s era

Hoitong powder Fanbo | Credit via tokopedia.com

This local beauty brand is still releasing a collection of cosmetic products to this day. However, a legendary product that has been around for a long time is Fanbo powder, which comes in a variety of bright colors. This powder can give a bright and fresh effect on the face and is sold at a price of around Rp. 15 thousand – Rp. 20 thousand.

6. This cold powder from Saripohatji is the most legendary because it’s been around since 1927 guys!

Saripohatji cold powder | Credit via tokopedia.com

As stated on the packaging, this powder has been around since 1927 and was made by Mrs. S. Marijah. Unlike other powdered products, Saripohatji powder is a cold powder that is often used as a face mask. How to make a cold powder mask from Saripohatji powder is to mix a few spoons of powder with plain water or rose water and then apply it all over the face. This cold powder is made from a mixture of spices that can treat acne and dark spots on the face.

7. Previously, there were many brands of loose powder, Skiva chose to create a collection of compact powders with practical and easy-to-carry packaging

Skiva compact powder | Credit via tokopedia.com

This compact powder from Skiva has a beautiful pink packaging and consists of four color variants that can be adjusted to skin tone. This product is sold at a very affordable price, starting from Rp. 13 thousand – Rp. 18 thousand.

8. Lastly, apart from loose powder and compact, there is also an eyebrow pencil from Viva Cosmetic Eye shadow pencil which is a favorite product in the past. Be a favorite of local MUAs too!

Viva eyebrow pencil | Credit via tokopedia.com

Previously, loose powder was more dominant in adorning facial makeup in the 90s, there are eyebrow cosmetic products that were also a favorite of ancient women. Beauty brand Viva has been decorating the local beauty world for decades with a variety of products. Viva’s eyebrow pencil is still a favorite to this day because it has quite sharp colors and has a soft texture. You can still find this product that is sold at prices starting from IDR 27 thousand – IDR 37 thousand.

That’s SoHip, some old school beauty products that were famous when our mothers were young until now. Of the several products above, which product have you tried? ️


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