Looking for Money to Support His Two Grandchildren, This Grandfather Willing to Rain Rain While Looking for Used Boxes, One Day Only Gets Rp. 10 Thousand | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – An old man was caught on camera pushing a cement cart on the street carrying goods to be sold to meet his daily needs. Video uploaded to Instagram account @top.world.idn.

The gecko was walking in the pouring rain. He didn’t seem to care about the tiredness and coldness of the heavy rain. He just kept pushing the red cart on the side of the road. When asked, the grandfather admitted that he would return home after a day looking for used boxes.

Via : diadona.id

“Want to go home after looking for used boxes,” said the grandfather in the video.

The used boxes that he collects in the cart will later be sold to meet the needs of him and his two grandchildren. Grandpa, who was wearing a hat at the time, admitted that in the midst of the Covid-91 pandemic and the implementation of PPKM, it was very difficult to get Rp. 10 thousand rupiah in a day.

“Half to death scavenging right now,” he said.

Via : diadona.id

Seeing the condition of the grandfather, the recorder took the initiative to help grandfather by buying basic necessities in the form of rice, sugar and bread. Receiving the sustenance, grandfather felt very happy. In fact, he couldn’t hide his happy expression. He also did not forget to say thank you.

Via : diadona.id

This grandfather’s story is circulating on social media. One of them was uploaded by the Instagram account @top.world.idn. Then the uploaded comment column was flooded with comments from netizens who also felt sad about the grandfather’s story.

“Mashaallah, always healthy grandfather, healthy always good people,” @sinorita.realpz comment.

“Crying watching something like this,” @sulismitha comment.

“In the morning, someone has sliced ​​onions. Be healthy pa. Thank you good man.” @diraandriani92’s comment.

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