Luna Maya’s Prayer on Birthday: I Want To Be A Very Rich Person

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1NEWS – Luna Maya has just celebrated her 38th birthday. In that moment, Luna revealed one of the prayers she said to Deddy Corbuzier. What’s that? When attending Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, Luna admitted that one of her prayers on her birthday is success in the business she is currently in. He also prays that someday he can become a person who has abundant wealth.

“One of my wishes is on my birthday, I’m still starting a business that I hope can become a very big business in the future. My wish, I want to be a very rich person, where I don’t think about myself anymore, I want to think about other people,” said Luna Maya.

Ariel NOAH’s ex-lover said that with abundant wealth he could share more with many people. “Because now my capacity, I can’t be 100 percent, maybe my capacity can only be 10 percent with something like this. I want it to be fair even though we really can’t help everyone, right,” he explained.

As is known, Luna Maya held a donation in celebration of her 38th birthday. Luna invites some of her friends to donate to help the needs of people with autism who are less fortunate. For this intention, Luna was also given Rp500 million from Deddy Corbuzier representing Indonesia Pasti Bisa as a form of support.

He hopes that, with his current hard work, plus the business he is running, it can be more useful for many people, especially those who are less well off economically.

“Well, I’m just wishing that my business really succeeds one day, of course I want to help my family, people around me, but I really want it when I don’t think about myself, it’s good to think about it people. I feel like this world is getting more and more chaotic, yes. What we can do to help, we try to help,” he concluded.

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