Maia Estianty’s confession that she doesn’t want to be close to Ahmad Dhani

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Maia Estianty's confession that she doesn't want to be close to Ahmad Dhani anymore

Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani are already living happily with their respective partners. Maia is with Irwan Mussry and Ahmad Dhani is with Mulan Jameela. It is hoped that in the future, they can remain united for the sake of the interests and happiness of their children. But recently, Maia Estianty’s confession came out which was very surprising. He said that his three children would no longer try to get closer to their biological father. This is the reason!

Maia Estianty’s confession that she doesn’t want to be close to Ahmad Dhani anymore

The polemic of the relationship between Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani

Image: YouTube/Curhat Bang Denny Sumargo

All children want the best for their parents. Likewise with the three brothers Al Ghazali, El Rumi and Dul Jaelani. Even though their parents have been divorced for a long time (in 2008) and have lived with their respective partners, the three of them still hope that their mother and father have a good relationship.

You could say, Maia and Dhani’s divorce in 2008 was not a quiet divorce. The two of them had to go through a long process because they could not find an agreement, especially regarding child custody and the distribution of mutual property. Even the children were unable to help because Al was only 11 years old at the time.

It was only when the children were older and older that their parents began to relax seeing each other in public. For example, when Maia and Dhani both attended the 17th birthday and also the graduation of Al, their eldest child.

For a moment, people judged that Maia and Dhani could do it move-on with their past. But no, several times Maia and Dhani’s relationship had a tug of war: Sometimes they got along, sometimes they drifted apart.

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Ahmad Dhani accuses Maia of backbiting

Maia Estianty's confession that she doesn't want to be close to Ahmad Dhani anymore Image: Instagram/@officialjameelianz

Like the last time Ahmad Dhani suddenly issued a statement attacking Maia. To the media, through a short message, he said Maia is a backbiter because she still likes to carry around (talk about) Mulan.

“It’s been almost 15 years since Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo’s divorce from Maia Estianty, but until now Maia is still harassing Mulan. I don’t know why, even though according to Maia’s own admission, her life is already happy. The Older the Happier, the Disclaimer, ” Thus the contents of Dhani’s short message to the media, Saturday (28/8/2021) launched Celebrity Tempo.

Dhani’s statement spread in the media must have reached Maia’s ears.

Maia Estianty’s Confession Strictly Says She Doesn’t Want To Be Close To Dhani

Maia Estianty's confession that she doesn't want to be close to Ahmad Dhani anymore Photo of Maia with Irwan Mussry and their three children celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. (Image: Instagram/@maiaestiantyreal)

Unlike Ahmad Dhani, Maia doesn’t seem to want to worry about her past with Dhani. He firmly said that he would put clear boundaries between himself and Dhani in the future.

On the YouTube show Confessing Bang Denny Sumargo, Monday (30/8/2021), Maia said this: “So I’m a person, the past is the past, but if we have to make out again like before, it’s impossible. Because I already have a family, he also has a family.”

Maia again said to Denny, “There is no need to never, never become a habit, continue to be forced into a habit. I’ve also said to the kids, ‘Kids, Dad has a family, Mom has a family, don’t force yourself to go together, travel together.’ No, don’t.”

In other words, it never occurred to Maia to get closer to her ex-husband, even though his children asked him to.

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In honor of Irwan Musrry

Maia Estianty's confession Image: Instagram/@maiaestiantyreal @officialjameelianz

“There is an agreement between me and tv that it’s okay if you want to sing, go ahead but don’t have any content. That is it. As soon as I (realized) wow, this seems to have content, “said Maia.

The moment that Maia told was when she worked as a judge for Indonesia Idol which was broadcast on RCTI. In one episode, Start Jameela was asked to guest and sing. When Mulan perform, he realized that Dhani’s content team recorded Maia’s activities (who was eating at the jury’s table at the time).

Realizing that she would be used as content material, Maia had begged them not to do it. But being ignored, he immediately left his seat. This attitude was misunderstood by the public.

Not without reason Maia made the agreement. The decision was made because she respects her husband.

“Because we already have our own household, so we have to be able to really respect. Coincidentally, my partner is also not a partner who likes to be fried, the content of which according to him is, ‘Why are you all dime.’ That’s it.”

Maia hopes that, whether it’s herself, Ahmad Dhani and their partner, as well as their children, they can respect and respect each other. Hopefully what Mother Maia hopes can come true, yes, Parents!

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