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Can be accessed using a cell phone.

Dream – In recent years, financial transactions have become easier. The presence of an e-wallet and various other banking features makes it easier for everyone to manage finances.

Moreover, everyone must minimize contact during the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, a number of financial sectors have innovated to provide convenience for customers in order to facilitate financial management.

In fact, now several banks provide an account separator feature in one application to make it easier for customers to sort out their finances. Thus, the money to be saved and used is not mixed.

This innovation was carried out by Maybank Indonesia through its application, M2U ID with Maybank Savings U and U iB which have Sharia principles with Mudharabah agreement. You can access your U Transactional account for daily transactions or make transfers between banks.

Meanwhile, if you want to save a certain amount, you can set the nominal that is withdrawn from the main account every month through the U Goal Saver account.

The minimum amount withdrawn every month is IDR 100,000 with various choices of saving duration. In addition to providing two accounts in one application, you can also transact more easily with QR Cardless Withdrawals.

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Benefits and conveniences of U & U iB Savings

“We innovate to provide financial solutions that are able to bridge the pain points of customers who come from various profiles. Starting from millennials, young professionals and families who want to enjoy the latest lifestyle and do not rule out savings for future needs,” said Steffano Ridwan, Director of Community Financial. Services (CFS) Maybank Indonesia in launching the U & U iB savings account, Thursday 2 September 2021.

You can get various direct discounts at more than 500 merchants and 10 percent cashback which will be deposited into your U Goal Saver account if you transact with a debit card, QRIS, or features in the M2U ID application.

Withdrawing cash using this savings is also free of charge for 30 times every month. Online transfers to other banks can be done without additional fees for 10 times per month.

If you want free monthly administration fees, you can maintain a minimum account balance of IDR 500 thousand. Interested in trying to use the application? You can download the application or open U and U iB Savings on the 2U ID platform. So, there is no need to come to the branch office.

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