Medina Zein Discusses Belief in Citra Kirana’s Laughing, Auto Delete Comment

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Citra Kirana laughed at Medina Zein's post.  (Instagram)

Image of Kirana and Medina Zein. (Instagram)

1NEWS – Medina Zein has recently been in the spotlight after being billed by Rachel Vennya, Citra Kirana and several other people.

He also had time to upload a photo of himself with a caption of wise words. The wife of Lukman Azhari discussed the matter of trust that can only be obtained from oneself.

“There will always be people who will bring you down, misinterpret our opinions. But that’s okay, you will always be yourself who you can always trust,” he wrote on Thursday (2/9/2021).

Citra Kirana laughed at Medina Zein’s post. (Instagram)

In that post, there was something interesting, namely Citra Kirana’s comment which left quite a lot of laughing emojis.

It’s just that the comment is now observed to be no longer in Medina Zein’s post after the comment column was limited.

However, a gossip account @hosipupdateofficial has already captured it. Some netizens are also gossiping about this.

Request Paid

The image of Kirana who collects a debt to Medina Zein. Through her Instagram, the woman who is familiarly called Ciki shared a screenshot of Rachel Vennya’s clarification.

Then Rezky Aditya’s wife asked Medina for money. According to him, he was given proof of transfer but the money sent had not yet arrived.

Citra Kirana collects debt to Medina Zein (
Citra Kirana collects debt to Medina Zein (

“When did I get LUNASIN?? @medinazein. I was also given proof of transfer but it didn’t appear in the money,” wrote Ciki.

Unfortunately, Ciki has deleted the post. But the post was already shared by the gossip account @tante_rempong_officiall to make netizens rowdy.

Citra Kirana and Medina Zein (
Citra Kirana and Medina Zein (

“Zaskia doesn’t need to get her hands dirty,” wrote netizens. “What’s the reason after this? Forgot? Overslept? Did you faint?” said another.

Medina Zein is a businessman who once had a feud with Irwansyah. Had accused Zaskia Sungkar’s husband of embezzling money, they have finally reconciled.


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