Mural of Criticism is mushrooming, Buya Syafii: As long as it is polite and doesn’t damage public places

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ACCURATE.CO, Muslim Scholar Ahmad Syafii Maarif or familiarly called Buya Syafii assesses that the phenomenon of the emergence of murals in various areas is intended as a criticism of the government’s performance.

“The case for criticizing the government is okay, but convey it in an elegant and good way, and the government also listens to the criticism. So don’t be too greedy for power, that’s what we call a lack of sensitivity,” said Buya Syafii at his residence, Gamping, Sleman. , DIY, Friday (3/9/2021).

However, the former general chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Board emphasized that criticism must be conveyed in an elegant manner and not overstepping the norms of decency.

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For Buya Syafii, paint scratches with satire nuances on walls like murals that have mushroomed in recent times should also not damage the aesthetics of public spaces.

“As long as you are polite and don’t damage the walls of public buildings, you can criticize but be polite,” he said.

“We have lost our decency, social media is wild, out of control, people are talkative. They say we are Pancasila, the second principle of just and civilized humanity, we have lost manners. Don’t be, pity the Indonesian nation. The founders of the nation didn’t imagine this, you know, ” he concluded.[]


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