Not registering a new midfielder, who will replace Marc Klok’s role at Persija? | 1NEWS

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The departure of Marc Klok left a gaping hole in the Persija Jakarta midfield. The 27-year-old midfielder was a key player for the Capital City team when they won the 2021 Menpora Cup.

Persija Jakarta chose not to look for a replacement for Marc Klok in the first round of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022, at least until now.

The team, nicknamed Macan Kemayoran, has registered 28 players for BRI Liga 1, minus the successor Marc Klok.

After losing Marc Klok in June 2021, who decided to end his contract early and join Persib Bandung, Persija is a defensive midfielder.

After the Menpora Cup in May 2021, Persija also lost Sandi Sute, who since 2020 has changed his role to become Marc Klok’s back-up.

Sandi Sute has been Persija’s first choice at the butcher post since joining in 2017, and played a crucial role when the Kemayoran Tigers won the 2018 Liga 1 trophy.

It’s fallen, hit the stairs anyway. After being left by Sandi Sute, Macan Kemayoran was forced to separate from Marc Klok. This condition makes the stock of defensive midfielder Persija Jakarta increasingly thin.

Persija Jakarta chose to use the remaining players as a substitute for the role of Marc Klok.

Of the 28 players registered with BRI Liga 1, three of them can play as anchor midfielders. The three players are Rohit Chand, Tony Sucipto, and Adreanus Dwiki.

Incidentally, since being coached by Angelo Alessio in June 2021, Persija’s playing style has changed.

The Italian architect changed Persija’s pattern from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2. As a result, this standard has reduced the Kemayoran Tigers’ midfield personnel.

While still being coached by Sudirman in the Menpora Cup, Persija regularly played Marc Klok, Rohit Chand, and Ramdani Lestaluhu as three players in the midfield.

Although Persija’s formation changed, Marc Klok’s departure still affected Persija’s balance in midfield.



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