Often comes at night, who is D who is suspected of killing Tuti-Amel?

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The murder of mother and child in Subang.  Photo: Tribune

Shortly after the bodies of Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika were found dead in the trunk of a luxury car, the police immediately confirmed that the killer was the closest person who used to visit their residence. So, the question is, who has access to Tuti and Amel’s house in Subang, West Java?

Yosef Hidayah’s attorney, Rohman Hidayat, confirmed that only Tuti-Amel’s nuclear family could access the residence, namely Yosef himself and Amel’s eldest brother, Yoris. The two of them could go in and out of the residence whenever they wanted.

“Pak Yosef told me that one of the victims’ families who had access to the house besides the two victims, namely his eldest son, Yoris and Pak Yosef himself,” said Rohman, quoted Friday, September 3, 2021.

The murder of mother and child in Subang. Photo: Tribune

However, Rohman explained that although only the nuclear family had access to the house, there was one figure who often visited the victim’s residence at night. He is a witness with the initials D who was also questioned by the police recently.

“The other witness often came to the house at night, I don’t know clearly, it’s normal that D often comes to the house, that’s according to Yosef’s statement,” he said.

Now, one question is, who is D that Yosef Hidayah recently began to suspect?

D often visits Tuti and Amalia at night

It was later discovered that D was the initials of Danu, who was none other than Amel’s cousin. Reportedly, he often visited Tuti-Amel’s house in the evening hours, because he had access to it.

“It is clear after all that Danu is the cousin of Amel’s victim. He does have a family relationship, according to Mr. Yosef, Danu has access to the house other than the victim, Yoris, and Mr. Yosef himself,” he said.

Furthermore, Rohman does not understand why Danu often visits Tuti-Amel’s house too late. However, what is clear is that Danu was questioned by the police for additional information.

“Danu often comes to the house at night, I don’t know, but it’s normal for Mr. Danu to come to the house. That’s according to Mr. Yosef,” he said.

This suspicion seems to be taken into account, considering that Danu is the closest person to the victim who understands the contents of their house well. At least, that’s a clue that the police have recently found.

Close family killer

Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni checks the crime scene
Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni inspects the crime scene of the murder of the mother and child in the trunk. Instagram photo @polres_subang

The certainty about the perpetrator who was the closest person to the victim was first revealed by the Subang Police Chief, AKBP Sumarni to the media. He explained that the conclusion was taken after his party did not find any damage at the entrance to the house or the crime scene.

So, it can be ascertained, the suspect understands the location of the murder.

“There are indications that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other. Because at the crime scene, the entrance to the victim’s house was not damaged. So the front and back doors were not damaged, nor were the windows. No scuff marks or anything. Therefore, it is estimated that the perpetrator knew the victim,” explained AKBP Sumarni.

The police themselves have examined a number of witnesses including Yosef, Mimin, and the victim’s father. So far, they believe, the two victims were killed in a cruel and vicious way.

“We also collected evidence at the crime scene, including the clothes at the crime scene worn by one of the witnesses, where the clothes were stained with blood,” he said.

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