Out again! Thata Anma and Hotman Paris raunchy phone follow-up video

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Thata Anma video Hotman Paris vulgar phone call.  Photo: Instagram

An anonymous account allegedly uploaded a follow-up video of Thata Anma and Hotman Paris ‘meat meets meat’ some time ago. The phone was still discussing the same thing, about luxury cars and sex.

The @xvidgmbk account uploaded the video on Friday (3/9/21). The reason for the alleged follow-up video is because it still shows Thata Anma aka Ayu Thalia who is doing live through the Bigo application.

In the live, Thata Anma also showed her cellphone which was used for calling. The contact name “Hotman Paris New” appears on the screen.

At the beginning of the video, Thata appears to be offering a luxury car to the alleged famous lawyer.

“I have a lambo. I’ll bring it later,” said Thata.

Thata Anma video Hotman Paris vulgar phone call. Photo: Instagram

After that, the conversation suddenly turned in a vulgar direction. Hotman Paris allegedly asked for nude photos of Thata.

“Now I wait. If possible while opening all (naked). Make me chase you,” said Hotman.

After asking for this, Hotman talked about the desire of women to approach him. In the story, Hotman also mentions the name of a senior actress, Meriam Bellina.

“Do you know what my favorite is? If a girl knows me, she’ll definitely ask for help. I can lick it for 3 hours. It was because of the Bellina Cannon first. He likes to be licked. He can orgasm dozens of times, “said Hotman.

At the end of the call, Thata Anma admitted that she was sleepy. Finally, the call was ended and Hotman Paris reiterated his request for a nude photo of Thata.

“Take a picture now. Okay, I’m waiting,” concluded Hotman.

Video Thata Anma phone Hotman Paris.

But when the phone was disconnected, Thata even berated Hotman with harsh words. He admitted that he would not fulfill Hotman Paris’s request for the photo.

Until this article was published, there has been no further clarification from Hotman Paris and Thata Anma.

Thata Anma and Hotman Paris ‘meat meets flesh’ conversation

At the beginning of the conversation, Thata said that she had just broken up 19 days ago. The woman who was referred to as the SPG of the luxury car admitted to Hotman that she was upset.

After Thata told her about breaking up, Hotman suddenly asked. The conversation about bed starts with this question, “What are you using for contraception? What medicine do you take?”

Thata Anma aka Ayu Thalia.  Photo: Instagram
Thata Anma aka Ayu Thalia. Photo: Instagram

Thata also admitted that she did not take any drugs. The reason is that the KB that Hotman is referring to is a contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy.

Hearing the answer, Hotman asked again as if he couldn’t believe it, “So what’s going on outside?”.

Thata Anma aka Ayu Thalia did not answer and immediately invited Hotman to meet.

“I don’t like using condoms, it’s not good. What’s delicious is meat meets meat,” said Hotman Paris to Thata.

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