PALI Youth Tries to Rape His Biological Mother with the Threat of Firearms, Here’s the Result

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In the past two weeks, the PALI Police have managed to secure six suspects in various cases.

Depit Berkam, residents of South Tempirai Village, North Penukal Subdistrict, together with a colleague, Dadang, who is speech impaired, were arrested by the police for stealing four (4) tons of oil palm bunches in the area of ​​Tempirai Village, North Penukal District.

PALI Police Chief AKBP Yudhi Suharyadi through PALI Wakapolres Kompol Rizvy said that over the past two weeks his party had uncovered five cases and arrested 6 suspects, including Jeki Cen and Depit Berkam.

Berkam and Dadang were secured in the area of ​​PT LKK, North Penukal District. Where, the two suspects on Sunday (26/7/2021) at around 17.00 WIB were collecting palm oil bunches.

“At that time the officers and security were on patrol. Seeing the officers, the suspects fled. Then they were immediately chased and arrested.” said Rizvy, Sunday (9/8/2021).

In addition, Jeki Cen, a resident of Hamlet 3 Setuntung, Suka Maju Village, Talang Ubi District, PALI Regency, was forced to deal with the PALI Resort Police because he was caught carrying a short-barreled homemade firearm and 9.2 caliber bullets and carrying a T-letter key.

“There are two cases in possession of senpira, with a threat of 10 years in prison, two cases with a threat of 9 years in prison, and one case with a threat of 7 years in prison,” said Rizvy.

The PALI Deputy Chief of Police explained that one of the suspects with the initials Suhar, a resident of Talang Ubi Barat Village, apart from possessing a firearm, there was also a report from his biological mother that he had attempted rape by threatening to point a gun at him.

“The perpetrator tried to rape his biological mother and had time to explode his firearm. When he was about to be arrested, the perpetrator tried to fight back which we finally paralyzed by shooting his left leg,” he said.

As for the Curas perpetrators, Rizvy continued that one perpetrator who robbed the PALI Regent’s gardener was paralyzed for resisting.

“Our perpetrators are paralyzed. And one of the perpetrators of robbery or robbery from Tanah Abang is a recidivist,” he explained.(cr2)


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