Pelanggiran Craftsmen In Debt To Fulfill Life’s Needs –

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Beritabali/ist/Craftsmen of Pelangkiran Debt to Fulfill Life’s Needs., BADUNG.
Most small business units are affected by the current Pandemic which has caused product sales to decline compared to before.
This condition was experienced by one of the pelangkiran craftsmen in Banjar Celuk, Kapal Village, Badung, Made Tana. He said sales are currently dropping drastically.

This condition is different from before the Pandemic where in a week he was able to sell approximately 3 to 4 shells plus orders from other regions.

“Demand is very low, most of the time it is only to fill the stalls so that the contents of the goods can be seen,” explained the craftsman who has been loyal to the pelangkiran business for 15 years.

Before the pandemic, he continued, every certain rahinan there must be someone who bought or ordered, two to three pelangkiran.

“Nearby, Rahinan Purname usually buys a lot. Now, let’s see for yourself, this is what the goods are,” he said.

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