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Mostseru.com – It is undeniable that until now dark places are still people’s favorite ‘spot’ to sin. Whether it’s to consume illegal goods or even commit immoral acts.

Because of this, this ‘spot’ is always a target for police officers when conducting patrols. Like the video shows in the upload to the Instagram account @kamerapengawas.

Policewomen and their staff managed to capture a woman wearing a headscarf with her friend in a dark place.

The woman was immediately questioned regarding her whereabouts at the location. But strangely, before asking, the woman had defended herself.

“Nothing yet? What do I mean?” said the policewoman with a little laugh, reported by 1NEWS.

The policewoman then asked about the strange smell of the woman’s hijab, while holding the side of the hijab with her gloves.

“Ma’am, you’re wearing a headscarf, right?” asked the policewoman.

via: 1NEWS

Suddenly, the veiled woman became even more clumsy. “No, nothing, sis!” he answered nervously.

Getting a dissatisfied answer, the policewoman then grabbed the side of the woman’s hijab and told her to kiss herself and prove it.

“Try it!” cried the policewoman.

But again, there has been no acknowledgment from the woman. He shook his head, as if to indicate that he didn’t smell the policewoman’s scent.

But when the policewoman told him the scent in question, he was silent.

“The smell of pandanus,” said the policewoman.

Meanwhile, netizens were confused by the smell that the policewoman meant, making them think hard.

“The smell of pandanus? What do you mean by smell?” asked surprised @aprilianurdina.

“What do you mean??? Gaje ah,” said @sitimarkonah43.

“The policewoman mother, how come the panda smells,” write @mgpz.dc.

“That’s asking more professionally,” said @ahadi909410.

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