Portrait of the Struggle of this Rice Seller’s Sister to Make a living While Studying on the Roadside – 1NEWS

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1NEWS.id –

A video showing a boy studying while selling on the roadside has been circulating on social media. The boy immediately became the spotlight of netizens. The video, which lasts about one minute, was shared by the Tiktok account @masfais_1987.

In the video, the boy is seen carrying his notebook on the table where he is selling. It is known that the boy was selling yellow rice on the side of the road.

He had wrapped the yellow rice and placed it on a rectangular table.

In the video, a man can be seen approaching a boy who is selling while studying.

The boy sat on a chair and placed his notebook on the table where he was selling. The man then asked the boy what he was selling.

Apparently, the boy was selling yellow rice. Suddenly, the man bought the boy’s merchandise.

The man saluted to see the spirit of the boy who was still learning while selling.

“I stopped by to buy this little brother’s yellow rice, which he sells while studying,” he said, quoted by Suara.com.

Seeing the boy’s enthusiasm, the man decided to buy yellow rice. The boy seemed to smile happily when his merchandise was about to be bought.

In the video, the rice wrap was sold out. The boy gave a bonus of crackers to buyers who had bought up their wares. He looked happy and thanked the man.

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