Rich Chinese Businessman Divorces Wife To Marry Thailand’s Most Beautiful Transgender

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1NEWS – Either love is blind, or times have changed. If love is blind, then maybe this is what happened, at least to a rich Chinese businessman. Recently circulating in cyberspace, the story of Bao—a businessman from China—who was willing to divorce his wife in order to marry a transgender person.

The love story of Bao and transgender began when he went on a business trip to Thailand. In this country he met a transgender or popularly called “ladyboy”, named Rinrada Thurapan. Like love stories in movies, as soon as he looked at Rinranda, Bao immediately fell in love at first sight. In just one glance, the ladyboy immediately made Bao squeaky. Yoshirin, Rinrada Thurapan’s nickname, herself is known to have a capable beauty. He was dubbed the most beautiful ladyboy in Thailand.

There is a reason why Yoshirin or Rinrada is dubbed the prettiest ladyboy. Her beauty is recognized nationally, and spread globally. She won two beauty competitions at once. In 2017, Yoshirin won the Miss Tiffany Universe pageant. A year later, in 2018, Yoshirin returned to the Miss International Queen beauty pageant. In this beauty event, Yoshirin managed to win the position of Runner Up Miss International Queen 2018.

Bao’s interest in Yoshirin is getting deeper and he has the desire to marry her. In order to achieve his goal, Bao, who is married, decides to divorce his wife. Despite getting ridicule from here and there, Bao didn’t seem to care.

He is still married to Yoshirin or Rinrada Thurapan and is now living happily with his household. Bao promised not to divorce Rinrada Thurapan. Especially to turn to other women. He said of Yoshirin and his body, “Yoshirin’s body is exactly like a normal woman’s body, and it will not affect the married life between us,” Bao told Kankan News.

Writer Vallesca Souisa

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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