Robert Alberts Reveals Reasons for Persib Leaving to Tangerang in D-1 Match | 1NEWS

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Persib Bandung will play their first match in Liga 1 2021 against Barito Putera.

The Persib vs Barito Putera match will be held at the Indomilk Arena Stadium, Tangerang, Saturday (4/9/2021).

Interestingly, Persib will leave for Tangerang on Friday (3/9/2021), or the day before the match takes place.

Usually, in playing matches outside Bandung, Persib usually leaves two days before the match.

Persib coach, Robert Rene Alberts, revealed the reason his team will depart on D-1. Alberts said that he wanted to maximize the available preparation time.

Because, if you leave on the D-2 match, you are worried that Persib will not get a field to practice.

In addition, the distance between Bandung and Tangerang is also relatively close. So Alberts felt that it would be ideal if Persib started their journey to Tangerang in the D-1 match.

“Because we didn’t have to (the rush), we couldn’t train because there was no training ground. The distance is also not too far,” Alberts told reporters, Thursday (2/9/2021).

Another goal is to keep players from being exposed to Covid-19. According to Alberts, the players are better off in their respective homes before the game.

Because, he is worried that if you go too soon to Tangerang, it will actually increase the risk of players being exposed to Covid-19.

“Don’t forget we also have to follow health protocols, we have to do a lot of tests. So we have a lot of things to follow,” said Alberts.

“Therefore, it is better for the players to be in their home environment and sit in the hotel. After the match, we went straight home (to Bandung),” he continued.

As for the field conditions, Alberts did not want to expect much. Because he doesn’t know the condition of the Indomilk Arena stadium.

However, Alberts predicts that the field conditions will not be in good condition when Persib competes.

The reason is, before Persib, the stadium which is the headquarters of Persita Tangerang will first be used as the venue for the PS Tira vs Madura United match.

“We have one training session tomorrow and we can see for ourselves. Besides that there is another game before we train, so the pitch may not be in great shape,” said Alberts.

“We all know a lot of games are played and it’s in a few stadiums, so we have to help save the pitch in training. We can’t torture the pitch,” he added.


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