Rumored Acquisition of Famous Trot Singer Agency Lim Young Woong, HYBE Releases Clarification | Kpop Chart

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HYBE LABELS, the company that is currently under various agencies, such as Source Music, Pledis Entertainment and KOZ Entertainment, is rumored to be acquiring another agency.

Through South Korean media, HYBE is rumored to have held a meeting with Mulgogi Music, the agency of renowned trot singer Lim Young Woong, regarding the discussion of its acquisition.

However, the company that oversees BTS quickly responded by saying, “It’s not true that we acquired Mulgogi Music. We cannot confirm whether a meeting has taken place or not,” they said.

If the rumor comes out as a fact, this will make HYBE will dominate the entire generation of music lovers, where currently the younger generation has been controlled by BTS, while the older generation has been in the ‘hands’ of Lim Young Woong.

What do you think about the rumors and statements from HYBE? (1NEWS)

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