Sad, KPI Employees Become Victims of Bully and Harassment for 9 Years Newly Investigated After Viral – Boombastis

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Recently, the virtual world has been stirred up again by a case of bullying and sexual harassment by KPI employees. The victim is known to have reached a dead end so that he no longer knows what to do to protect himself, until finally he can only write an open letter. The letter that was written immediately went viral, was shared many times, read by one Indonesian netizen, and even aired on private television news.

The viral news made the KPI Commissioner immediately form an internal investigation team to investigate cases of bullying and harassment experienced by victims. KPI Commissioner Nuning Rodiyah also accompanied the victim with the initials MS to make a report to the Central Jakarta Metro Police on Wednesday (01/09/2021). More details about the MS case are as follows.

Happened since 2012

Illustration [sumber gambar]

Writing an open letter that can be read by many people, may be the last resort that can be done by MS. There was no way out, because even after several reports, the police did not investigate. In her letter, MS desperately asked, ‘do I have to be a woman first so that the police will seriously process the harassment case that I experienced?’ Even though MS has received the bullying since 2012, MS started working at KPI. And continuously, MS friends always bullied and played with him as they pleased.

Worst harassment ever experienced

From the many acts of bullying, slavery, and harassment, MS still clearly remembers the act which he thought was the most horrific. It happened in 2015, when he was working and suddenly was approached by five of his friends. Together they held his head, hands, feet, then stripped him, pinned him, abused him by scribbling on his testicles using a marker.

Suspected victim – Press conference on harassment case [sumber gambar]

MS admitted that the incident made him very traumatized and lost his emotional stability. Another incident that no less made MS hurt was when he was at the Prima Cipayung resort, Bogor. Where MS, who was sleeping, was suddenly picked up and thrown into the swimming pool, then they laughed together.

Reported to the police twice

Being a subscriber to bullying, without anyone to defend it, does not mean MS has given up on its fate. MS is still trying to protect himself by reporting the incident to his superiors, even the police. But unfortunately, the report was not taken seriously. In 2019, MS visited Gambir Police.

Gambir Police [sumber gambar]

However, the police actually asked MS to report to his superiors first, so that the problem could be resolved internally. MS followed the advice of the police, but his superiors did not take any action against the perpetrators, and only moved MS’s office. A year later, MS returned to report. But unfortunately, the police did not take the report seriously, even just asking for the perpetrator’s phone number and saying they would call the culprit.

Different description from the police

Many were disappointed with the police’s performance after reading the open letter written by MS. Responding to the matter, the police immediately objected. According to the police, they only made a report of the harassment they experienced to the Central Jakarta Police after the story went viral.

Gambir Police [sumber gambar]

Previously, MS had never made or came to Gambir Police to make a report. However, Muhammad Mualamine as MS’s lawyer confirmed that his client had indeed come to the Gambir Sector Police, but was not responded to because he did not have enough evidence.

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Follow bullying and sexual harassment really destroys a person’s mind. So, if your neighborhood has a similar case of bullying, should you just keep quiet? Is our empathy dead?

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