Sad portrait, this grandfather has lived in a pedicab for 10 years, his daily income is only 10,000 rupiah – 1NEWS

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Life in this world is full of struggle. Moreover, the acid and salt of domestic life, everything looks more complete after living in a marriage bond.

Responsible for the wife and family becomes a heavy burden that must be borne by the head of the family. Like what Mr. Mostofa did. A 72-year-old man who is willing to work hard for his beloved family.

Living in a rickshaw for ten years, the hard work of this rickshaw-riding grandfather still had to continue into his old age.

Uploaded by the Instagram account @viralkak, this man named Mustofa is known to have lived and lived in his rickshaw for more than ten years.

Everyday this man works as a pedicab driver in Jakarta. As a result, he only earns Rp. 10 thousand rupiah from his hard work all day long.

In order to support his wife and family who live in Mount Malang, Bogor, this grandfather survived as best he could without getting any help from the government.

Living overseas, it was not uncommon for Mostofa’s grandfather to get no customers at all, and he had to accept if he did not get any income from his rickshaw.

Quoted from the @viralkak Instagram page on Friday (3/9), his wife in the village works as a broom stick worker.

“Wife in the village of broom stick workers,” explained the account.

After being traced, his house in Bogor also looks not so decent. It looks so simple with bamboo walls and plastic patches in some areas.

Seeing the upload, not a few netizens gave good comments. Starting from prayer to wanting to help the pedicab driver.

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